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Thursday, June 18
Putin on the Offensive - The Telegraph
A Rebuke to Military Tribunals - New York Times
Meritocracy, the New Racism - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Dems Protect Their Jobs, Not Ours, w/Trade Votes - Des Moines Register
Wednesday, June 17
Resisting the Urge to Take Trump Seriously - New York Daily News
Candidates Who Oppose Free Trade Don't Belong in WH - WSJ
From Hillary Clinton's Promises to Policies - New York Times
Has the IRS Gone Completely Rogue? - Investor's Business Daily
Tuesday, June 16
Hillary Clinton's Favor Machine - Washington Times
Congress Should Stop Undermining WH Cuba Policy - Tampa Bay Times
President Obama's Misplaced Priorities - Washington Post
Secrets of the Hastert Case - Chicago Tribune
Monday, June 15
Democrats Force Obama to Rethink Trade Deal - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2 Yrs Later, Hillary's Time at State Looks Even Worse - DC Examiner
The Iowa Straw Poll Is Irrelevant. Is Iowa? - Chicago Tribune
Obama's Favors for the Mullahs - Wall Street Journal
Sunday, June 14
The Brazen Assault on Police Headquarters - Dallas Morning News
Hillary Clinton's Battle Cry - New York Daily News
Police Should Handle Campus Sex Assaults - Detroit News
Lost Voices of the World's Refugees - New York Times
Saturday, June 13
Goodbye, Straw Poll; You Were Fun But Frivolous - Des Moines Register
Healthcare Chaos Looms if Obamacare Subsidies Tossed - L.A. Times
Sending More Troops to Iraq - New York Times
Ending Chicago's Horrifying Bloodshed - Chicago Tribune
Friday, June 12
Rumsfeld's Flexible Realism vs. WH Delusions - Investor's Business Daily
Congress, Pay Attention to This Carbon Tax Bill - Bloomberg
Nevada's Big Bet on School Choice - Chicago Tribune
World Is Not Ready for the Coming Recession - The Economist
Thursday, June 11
Look Out: JV Squad May Soon Have a Nuke - Investor's Business Daily
As Obama Escalates War on IS, Congress Must Give OK - CS Monitor
Closing Off Abortion Rights - New York Times
Why the Times Is Obsessed With Smearing Rubio - New York Post
Wednesday, June 10
From Hastert, a "Not Guilty," But Nothing More - Chicago Tribune
Saving the Health Care Law - New York Times
Obamacare Omen? - Wall Street Journal
Clinton Off-Base on Ohio Voting Rules - Columbus Dispatch
Tuesday, June 9
The President's Fictions, From Obamacare to ISIS - New York Post
Democracy Wins in Turkey - New York Times
Return of the Speech Police - Wall Street Journal
Lucky No One Was Hurt in McKinney - Dallas Morning News
Monday, June 8
Obamacare on the Critical List - Washington Times
Republicans' Assault on Environmental Laws - New York Times
Jeb Bush on the Dollar - New York Sun
Free Trade Pits Dems' Past Against Future - Washington Examiner

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