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RealClearPolitics Morning Edition

Did America Just Suffer a Cyber Pearl Harbor? - Glenn Reynolds, USAT
Democrats Finally Being Democrats Again - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The 3 Stooges of the Apocalypse - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Tough Loss in FL Taught Jeb How to Win - Karen Tumulty, Washington Post
Obama's Bid to Shape Legacy Falters - Peter Baker, New York Times
Get Ready for a Long, Hot Summer of Racial Unrest - John Fund, NRO
Share My Pride & Confidence in the Police - Edward Flynn, Milwaukee JS
Hillary Clinton's Bet & Challenge - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Fighting for the Black Vote - Jay Cost, The Weekly Standard
Bernie Building an Army to Take D.C. - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
Beyond Benghazi: Hillary, Sid, & Libya - Hirsh & Bartholet, Politico
Iran Is Playing the World for Suckers - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week
Edward Snowden's Tortured Legacy - David Sirota, Salon
Stand Back: China's Bubble Will Burst - Clive Crook, Bloomberg
Transgender & Race: No Comparison - Meredith Talusan, The Guardian
Caitlyn Jenner and the 'Post'-Postmodern Era - Armstrong Williams, WT
Dianne Feinstein versus the CIA - Connie Bruck, The New Yorker

RealClearPolitics Afternoon Edition

Campaign Finance: Why Exempt the Media? - Barton Hinkle, Richmond TD
Bush's Surprising Struggle With Moderates - Nate Cohn, New York Times
5 Reasons Jeb Will Be the Next President - Jason Russell, Wash Examiner
5 Reason Bush Won't Win the Nomination - Aaron Goldstein, Am Spectator
Meet the New, Old Hillary - Rebecca Traister, The New Republic
Rotten Sunday Cuts Short Hillary's Rollout - Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post
NH Braces for Hearty Helping of Leftovers - Hillary Chabot, Boston Herald
Jim Webb Is Going to Make Some Noise - Jimmy Soni, New York Observer
The Difference Between Dolezal & Jenner - Jonathan Capehart, Wash Post
Dolezal & Jenner: The Difference Isn't 'Fraud' - Sean Davis, The Federalist

RealClearPolitics Editorials

Democrats Force Obama to Rethink Trade Deal - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2 Yrs Later, Hillary's Time at State Looks Even Worse - DC Examiner
The Iowa Straw Poll Is Irrelevant. Is Iowa? - Chicago Tribune
Obama's Favors for the Mullahs - Wall Street Journal